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History of example/archie

* config.guess, config.sub, expect.m4 (removed): * configure, configure.in, tclconfig/tcl.m4: Update to TEA 3.9 * Makefile.in, aclocal.m4: Partial cleanup of the build system. * testsuite/Makefile.in: Remove unused EXP_ from configure.in * testsuite/aclocal.m4: and no longer use Tk. * testsuite/configure: Update testsuite bits to use TEA info. * testsuite/configure.in: Update expect to version 5.45 * Dbg.c: account for removal of tcldbgcf.h * DbgMkfl.in, Dbgconfig.in, Dbgconfigure, DbgpkgInd.in (removed): * tcldbgcf.h.in (removed): removed Dbg debugger subcomponent as it no longer built and debugger functionality is included in expect library and binary * pty_termios.c: add HAVE_STRING_H include string.h * exp_trap.c: add HAVE_STRING_H include string.h * expectk.man, exp_main_tk.c (removed): expectk no longer built. Use tclsh with package require Tk and Expect instead. * tests/all.tcl: add package require Expect * example/archie, example/autoexpect: minor code cleanup * example/tkpasswd, example/tknewsbiff, example/tkterm: use package require statements in lieu of expectk file: [3b2de6ee77] check-in: [aa97023a94] user: hobbs branch: trunk, size: 942
*** empty log message *** file: [3c53aea479] check-in: [c9cbab5472] user: cvsadmin branch: trunk, size: 829 Added