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History of panelframe.tcl

theme related mod's done file: [794cb235b7] check-in: [b8bf09501c] user: oberdorfer branch: trunk, size: 7595
theme related mod's done file: [1b1ee4d841] check-in: [85325e23c6] user: oberdorfer branch: trunk, size: 7834
* panelframe.tcl (new): new PanelFrame widget which creates a * pkgIndex.tcl: frame with boxed title area that accepts * additional widgets. * BWman/contents.html: * BWman/navtree.html: * BWman/PanelFrame.html (new): file: [7ec18f62d6] check-in: [57cc13b104] user: hobbs branch: trunk, size: 7846 Added