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History of BWman/SelectColor.html

color.tcl: replace the help widget by balloons bound to the widgets. Ticket [2cc70ce1cb] file: [1d32be1ee2] check-in: [053b970494] user: oehhar branch: bwidget, size: 6481
REVISIONS TO color.tcl    1. Remove option -variable 2. Remove variable _varName which held the value of option -variable 3. Use variable _unsavedSelection in place of $_varName when a value must be stored 4. Add option -command 5. Add variable _command which holds the value of option -command 6. Set the default value for option -help to 1 7. Add command _userCommand to evaluate $_command at stack level #0. _userCommand is called whenever the selected color changes, i.e. instead of setting $_varName. 8. To avoid issues with trace, fully qualify ::SelectColor::_unsavedSelection when its value is set or it is used in a trace command. 9. Use 8.4-compatible syntax for string indices in "string range" commands. 10. Amend SelectColor::_SetWithoutTrace so it sets the colors in the Color Selectors when the value in the entry widget changes.    PURPOSE Tracing the variable set by the "-variable" option is too awkward in practice, and so the "-variable" option has been replaced with "-command" which allows the caller to specify a command to be executed whenever the selected color changes.    The use of the -command option is now included in the demo.    The properties of DynamicHelp balloon help have been changed in the demo, to make the text easier to read.    The manual page has been updated to reflect the changes in color.tcl. file: [42dbccc43d] check-in: [9f462bd2fa] user: kjnash branch: patch-75101, size: 6476
SelectColor widget enhancements: traceable variable, setable background, visual changes [patch75101] file: [b21bfae63d] check-in: [6f1b04a125] user: oehhar branch: patch-75101, size: 5806
* BWman/SelectColor.html * color.tcl: Cleaned up some of the documentation of SelectColor and made it actually work like the documentation says it does.    * BWman/DynamicHelp.html * dynhelp.tcl: Added -topbackground, -padx and -pady options to allow a little more flexibility in the look-and-feel of balloons.    Added the ability to bind dynamic help to individual items or tags on a canvas.    * BWman/Tree.html * tree.tcl: Added -padx and -deltax options to individual nodes within a tree. Each option defaults to -1, meaning to take its value from the global option of the same name.    Added dynamic help to nodes within a tree. Adds the following options: -helptext, -helptype and -helpvar to each node.    * BWman/BWidget.html * utils.tcl: Added BWidget::badOptionString utility to return a standard error string when a given option doesn't match a list.    * BWman/Widget.html * widget.tcl: Added Widget::getVariable proc to create a reference to a variable relative to the given widget path. file: [f9b7e7211f] check-in: [ecd5aec25e] user: damonc branch: trunk, size: 4977
BWidget 1.2.1 import file: [53b985dd09] check-in: [48bc375a03] user: ericm branch: bwidget-vendor-branch, size: 4545 Added