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History of BWman/PanedWindow.html

* panedw.tcl: if activator is set to line then its width is set to (3) --activator was an undocumented option; updated man page to make it documented. Thanks to Jos Decoster for pointing this out. file: [1c78dba5fe] check-in: [b7fce4f498] user: dev_null42a branch: trunk, size: 5135
* BWman/PanedWindow.html: * panedw.tcl: Added '-weights' flag with possible value 'extra' or 'available'. Since BWidget-1.3.1, the meaning of the '-weight' flag for the 'PanedWindow::add' command was changed. This made it difficult to create a layout where the panes occupy a certain amount of the screen. When using the '-weights extra' flag when creating a PanedWindow widget, the >=1.3.1 behavior is used: the weights for the different panes are only used for extra space. When using the '-weights available' flag, the weights for the different panes are used to set the size of each panes relative to the total available space. [Patch #483838] (decoster) file: [82383e0fea] check-in: [a09ea2424c] user: hobbs branch: trunk, size: 4596
BWidget 1.2.1 import file: [adb0efe3a3] check-in: [48bc375a03] user: ericm branch: bwidget-vendor-branch, size: 4088 Added