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History of BWman/Entry.html

* entry.tcl, BWMan/entry.tcl checkbox.tcl Themed mode: Invoking "configure" without arguments results in errors that non-ttk options are not present. Removed Entry options: -background -foreground -relief -borderwidth -fg -bg -bd. Reported by Wolfgang S. Kechel [Bug 3513263] * entry.tcl mapped entry option -state to ttk::entry state in themed mode to make state change visible. file: [c6b9ab7a60] check-in: [2c3d9d4c82] user: oehhar branch: bwidget, size: 13081
Updated the docs for my latest commit. file: [0bb122db2d] check-in: [be14c8e806] user: damonc branch: trunk, size: 12186
BWidget 1.2.1 import file: [a30d97dafe] check-in: [48bc375a03] user: ericm branch: bwidget-vendor-branch, size: 12098 Added