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kettle_changes(n) 1 doc "Kettle - The Quick Brew System"


kettle_changes - Kettle Changes

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  • package require Tcl 8.5


Welcome to Kettle, a set of packages providing support for writing build code for Tcl packages.

Please read the document Kettle - Introduction to Kettle, if you have not done so already, to get an overview of the whole system.

This document provides an overview of the changes kettle underwent from version to version.


Changes for version 1

This is the first release of kettle, package and application. The changes therefore describe the initial features of the system.

In detail:

  1. Kettle requires Tcl 8.5 or higher. Tcl 8.4 or less is not supported.

  2. The application kettle provides standard setup to run a file "build.tcl", specified either explicitly via option -f, or implicitly (current working directory).

    This application can be used as the interpreter of a build declaration file as well. In that case option -f must be part of the #!-line.

  3. The core package kettle manages a database of recipes, and provides standard code invoked automatically after the processing of the build declarations to show help or run a recipe specified on the command line.

    Standard recipes provide introspection into the list of known recipes, and display of general and recipe-specific help.

  4. Various utility and support packages providing the commands for the build declarations, and implementation helpers.

    Currently supported are

    1. (Un)installation of pure Tcl packages.

    2. (Un)installation of Tcl script applications.

    3. (Un)installation of critcl-based Tcl+C packages.

    4. (Re)generation and (un)installation of (tcllib) doctools based manpages.

    5. (Re)generation and display of (tklib) diagram based figures.

    6. Execution of tcltest-based testsuites.

    7. Execution of tclbench-based benchmarks.

Bugs, Ideas, Feedback

This document, and the package it describes, will undoubtedly contain bugs and other problems. Please report such at the Kettle Tracker. Please also report any ideas for enhancements you may have for either package and/or documentation.


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