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Parents and children of check-in [5a480bf9d8]

Moved dictsort utility into util for wider use. Sort parts of the help structures for easier testing. Fixed bugs in the help generation (1) Skip imported helper commands which are not formats. (2) Rendering of list inputs was off. -- Bumped version to 0.12, help (json, sql) to 0.2, fixed requirements -- Updated embedded documentation. check-in: 0ed8f3610b user: aku tags: trunk
Extended the shells to note their activity in a root common block named *in-shell*. Bumped version to 0.11. check-in: 5a480bf9d8 user: andreask tags: trunk
Completed the split of the DSL documents. Regenerated the embedded docs. check-in: b7d756fe00 user: aku tags: trunk