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Check-ins with non-propagating tags:

06:30 Cmdr 1.2 Release technote: [ab01d9ee1b] user: andreask tags: cmdr-1-2
06:07 Bumped primary version to 1.2. Regenerated docs. check-in: 39c3c491d0 user: aku tags: trunk, release, cmdr-1-2, v1.2, release-1-2
06:05 Cmdr 1.1 Release technote: [e2adcf2700] user: andreask tags: cmdr-1-1
20:39 Rename "_find" to "internal_find" instead of diddling with export. check-in: a2da845671 user: andreask tags: trunk, release, release-1-1, v1.1, cmdr-1-1
18:00 Cmdr 1.0 Release technote: [1f9d982b9b] user: andreask tags: cmdr-1-0
17:44 Version bumped to 1.0. Regenerated docs. check-in: 2e15301ff5 user: aku tags: trunk, release, v1.0, cmdr-1-0, release-1-0
00:48 Fix oops, forgotten update of by-category for the new helper procedures. check-in: 0a71af63c2 user: andreask tags: trunk, v0.9
16:31 Incomplete [d04e732ab1], extended the config, missed the help code :(. Now fixed. check-in: f453a7ed65 user: andreask tags: trunk, v0.8
20:51 Make config self available through method, in both config, and the parameter forwarder. check-in: 4ddbb882ce user: andreask tags: trunk, v0.4, conference
20:26 Fixed issue with clashing option prefixes, where an option is prefix of another. check-in: f71d7fcb19 user: andreask tags: trunk, v0.3