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[comment {-*- tcl -*- doctools manpage}]
[include parts/]
[vset VERSION 1]
[manpage_begin [vset LABEL_VT_POSINT] [vset MAN_SECTION] [vset VERSION]]
[include parts/]
[require cmdr::validate::posint]
[titledesc [vset TITLE_VT_POSINT]]
[include parts/]

[para] This package provides the validation type
[cmd ::cmdr::validate::posint] which accepts any positive integer
number, i.e. any integer greater than zero.

[para] The internal representation is the decimal representation of
the validated input.

[para] The type has no input completion.

[para] The details of the exported API can be found in
[term [vset TITLE_DEV_VT]]. The chosen default is [const 1].

[include parts/]