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xo::config	collection of xo::values representing command arguments.

	- context chain
	alias a = ...
	default ?name?

/arg spec
	input, optional, option, invisible
	use - pull scripts out of common blocks.

-validate ... empty - type from -default - fallback boolean/no

value  - description - argument | help
config - description - action   | help

validators have config as context
config has actor as accessible context

value specification
Data per value

Cons	name
Cons	class	input|optional|option|invisible
		(just state)
		/derived classes/
Cons	req'd	mandatory value or not ?

Conf	hidden	from help, boolean, default no
Conf	iactive	flag, boolean, default no
Conf	prompt	for interactive entry.
Conf	default	default value, raw string
Conf	gencmd	command prefix to generate value
		output assumed final, no validation.
Conf	valcmd	validation command prefix.
		output is final value, i.e. not raw.
		input is raw.
Conf	action	action command prefix, runs when
		the value becomes known.

Run	raw	raw string value, user entered (cmd line, interactive)
Run	value	transformed actual value


*	Construct

*	Calculate value, from most prefered to least

	(1) User entered value ?
	    => Validate, transforms.

	(2) Generation command ?
	    => Run

	(3) Default value ?
	    => Validate, transforms

	(4) Interactive entry possible ? (general config, plus per value)
	    Enter, validate, transforms
	    - mini shell - ^C abort
	    - completion => Validator API

	(5) Optional ?
	    => It is ok to not have the value.

	(6) FAIL. 

*	Test if we have a value

	Similar to above, no validation, no transforms

*	Query required
*	query interactivity

*	Settings

	- Flag to force interactive entry

Validator API...

validate $value
complete $value
text	 - for help, prompt